Saturday, July 4, 2009

just some bablin'

1.i miss him so damn much.
2.went to kenduri..makan nasi..damn it.
3.i didnt eat nasi for the whole week because of stomach ache..aiye...
4.tadi makan nasi the whole day...rase sangat menggemukkan.
5.i feel like i'm gonna have a cold jer. it's 1 o clock in the morning and i cant sleep. why? because petang tadi lepas makan macam badak..tertidur. damn it.
7.i miss u too ed. i dont have credit to reply. miss u like hell! ekin,fatin and finie-aku miss korang gak. :D nana and hanan..aku nak mati dah ni weh..aku makan cam badak kat rumah... the people i had conflicts with..i love u guys and i forgive u guys. i hope u guys forgive me gak.
11.aku quit debate..i feel like a burden has been lifted up. dont ask.
12.tomorrow i shall eat like a hippo AGAIN because need to teman my mom to a function.
13.i miss him badly..did i mention?
14.takde credit people..dont tros.
15.i cant stop listening to faizal tahir's song-sampai syurga. HELP ME.
16.cute je budak budak junior yang nyanyi kat LAWESL. thanks nana number 1,nana number 2,ekin,ed and aiman sebab jadik judges. thanks for my whole housemates to give some supports to the juniors. :)
17.aku miss my friends in kuala lumpur. zarith,shiqin and reen. edelin hidup lagi ke?
18.i'm having a really bad headache. room is pink
20.yeah...i think i dont have anything more to say. chow