Tuesday, July 7, 2009

outing just after balik kuantan. nice aiye?

yeah..after 4 hours watching hanan sleeping. from pudu until kuantan's terminal..pergh..memang penat. hahahaha but all the penat hilang when ed ajak keluar and she asked to take us from the terminal with her car. YES! huhuhu. so..we waited about 10 minutes je. then ed took us.

we went to padang lalang and took megat with us. he's the only guy. in the car..ade me,hanan,ed,adik ed(lisa) and megat. kereta? citra. :D suka suka. same as my first sister's car. :p so..she drove to teluk cempedak but we didnt go to pantai pun. just lepak kat mcdonald and ate some lunch. and fatin and eikin was there as well best2. siap kene attack by monkeys. haha. the breeze from the it. i'll miss this place when i need to leave it after semester three...huhu..+_+"

after eating all the foods and lambaikan tangan kepada semua orang,we took off and went to megamall..we didnt do anything pun..i wanted to buy one pair of shoe..purple!! my favourite colour..but unfortunately..takde size..CURSE U...

after that..ed hantar me and hanan to east cost mall..and we met sarah and nana there. and also amir..ehem ehem..HAHAHAHA. we lepak'ed there and go shopping2 and i bought a flip flop..kena previous one cost about rm9..and semua orang tau lak tuh..malu sial. anyway..flip flop baru lawa..but lupa nak ambek gambar and now malas nak angkat buntut and take a picture of it. sukati la. and hanan bought a new perfume..tak puas ati...:D

tu jer. chow. :D