Sunday, February 15, 2009

v day

maybe u guys celebrated ur valentines with ur beloved ones wrap in ur arms. or maybe not. who cares. but i celebrated mine with my hottest friends. :D yurp. actually the real plan was me,salma,hanan and ida going to have a piece of cake and lepak kat starbucks and yada2. but instead of going as planned,instead of this four people..we end up like..let me,salma,hanan,ida,nana,naqi,fadli,zat and sarah..yup..lots of people..we went to megamall and went shopping and lunch there kat the golden's. then..jumpe haris plak. so..we got 2 cars la. zat's and haris's. so..someone bagi this brilliant idea yang kitorang pegi to TELOK CEMPEDAK!!! wuhu! nice idea. arigato. :D so,me,hanan,sarah,salma and zat,naik kete zat and went la..the others..ape lagi..naik haris's car la. best sangat!! :D we took lots of pics..jalan2 along the beach side and etc. we spend i think bout 3hours kot kat situ. :D yeay!!! love it! then..zat and haris sent us home and before they went home as well,the guys and us went to eat our dinner kat sekilau's warung infront of my campus. so..chit chat lagi and after's not over yet. :p me,sarah,ida,hanan and salma went back to the city and went to sungai wang's bakery and bought a cake because our housemate..jap2..let me tell u guys,there are 11people in my campus house. 3 tesl'ian and the others are law students la..anyway,her birthday is today la but we wanted to celebrate her birthday at 12 o clock. :D gatal..dah la ade debate the next day. haha..after buying her cake..we went to starbucks and lepak there about 2hours. then we went home. kat rumah lak..we all do our business until 12am..then we suprised my housemate,As,with the cake and the song happy birthday. best sangat!! :D after that lak..we played all the stupid birthday party games..u music chair and pass the rubber band with straw(but we use pen because we dont have straws la) until bout 3am..then..baru la the house senyap. :D agak kesian la orang rumah level bawah cuz they need to bear with the giants they live beneath. ahaks. happy valentine's day!!