Friday, February 20, 2009

here i am

i'm in kl already. alhamdulillah. bertolak at 5.45 yesterday from terminal makmur kuantan. sampai bout 9 something. thanks for chatting with me,'someone'. walaupun lepas tu i felt asleep. sorry sangat. i was tired. with all the problems that i carried from kuantan that i shall lepas tu my mom after she mengaji behind me nie...anak tak guna..mak tengah ngaji..anak wat blog..gler setan. haha. i cant la. huhu. i didnt bring my pinjam my mom's..omg..lagi setan..siap pinjam mak nyer laptop..hahahaa! huuu...i feel a lot happier when i reached home felt like i finally got a protection over me. the beauty of family and own home right? :) thanks. anyway..tadi went out with salma and nana. pastu jumpe sarah and her sister. went to chilli's for early dinner. love it! that's all. still dont have the mood to tulis blog lagi..the problem are still with me remember? i didnt pour it to my mom yet. so..just wanna say thanks weh sebab teman aku dalam bus.