Wednesday, February 11, 2009

test? my brain is half dead

puteri sabrina bt zamri!!! blaja!!! dat's how i scream every freaking day in my house in campus everyday...but my butt wouldn't listen..stupid butt! amat kesian to my housemate cause they need to hear me screaming that line everyday. haha. sorry u guys. :D marah my butt...anyway,why is it so hard to study? just need to bace,faham or hafal and off u go,jawab d soalan..biar madam happy. hard..:p weh! law is hard...not kidding..mmg tipu la if someone said that law is easy...weh! u need to bace ALL the codes and articles and yada yada. owh..maybe for someone yang suke kot..but tu pun tipu gak. i love to read. my first "book" was DORAEMON.'s still a book. u need to read it right? bout that pendek gemuk robot..musang??'s a freaking cat people. haha. the point is..i love to read. walaupun agak LOMBAB. :D still..but why kan..kan..if study books i'm a bit hard to understand ya? i mean..if i read harry potter..i can understand what the hell is horcruxes is..that's how we spell it kan? but if pasal common law..WOW..amat susah nak explain..just now baru tau what the hell it is. haha. perlu ke terang kat sini? tak perlu..nape? saye penat. tadi dalam class madam ckp adik die ckp monyet...pisangy....from the word chimpanzee(weh..the spelling dah tgk the dictionary..OK?) ...saya tak paham kenape.................
arigato for listening to my exercise for my debate. :D