Sunday, February 15, 2009

debate with uia. friendly match.

today..after sleeping for 3 hours,i woke up again at 6.30am. because? debate..friendly match with UIA kuantan. again.not me entering. i will la..when we're head to head with UMP(university malaysia pahang). which is going to be the next match. anyway,after taking shower and all..i wore a tudung. :D yes,A TUDUNG. and i love it. i did think to wear it someday. i love wearing tudung. seriously. because we heard that we cant enter UIA if tak tutup aurat. so,i wont mind to wearing it. :) anyway,after getting the guys at the other we went to UIA. debate and debate we did...until we got this tour. TOUR u ask? yurp..i thought it was like the tour around the university but aiyo..gabra jerh..we just went to the MUZIUM MAYAT. haha. seriously people,when i heard this muzium consist of what..i was like..WHAT? R U FREAKING SERIOUS? hell there..there were body parts that are already waxed in..aaaa..wax? was gross..sorry to say but it was cool. nice la. actually they wanted to take us to the morgue..but there were exam for the med student there yesterday..THANK we cant go la. did i say thank god? THANK GOD. :D it was fun. no hot guys though.. :( haha. kidding. love today. hate tomorrow..class..boring!! tata guys and chicks!