Tuesday, February 17, 2009

kl i shall come back

kuala lumpur,
insyaallah i'm coming back in another 2days. now i'm in my class. the lecturer is no where to be found. so.this evening i'll shall get the ticket for friday. transnasional as usual. or maybe i'll try sani express and coming back tomorrow because i have some friends to come home with. ok..i'm kidda serious right? maybe because i have some rough time here in kuantan nowadays. that's why i'm coming back. to take a break. my mom pun kidda like risau and tell me to come home. maybe u will if u see how i reacted when i told my mom about my problem yesterday. i'm really not strong anymore. dulu2,if this kind of problem..i can just put it in a box,put it aside for awhile until my prob solve. because for me,everything has it's hikmah and the balasan yang secukupnya for the person that do stupid stuff to other people. i was strong in the first semester when the all-time problem came to me but this semester? i think the strong will in me dah gune sepenuhnya on the last semester problem kot. so none left for me already for this semester. i'm really hurt inside. but i'm not that kind of person who love to share my problems with people. i rather think on my own how to vanish or solve the problem. sakit. sakit sangat. what did i do to deserve this? i'm still not sure. for me,all the problems that came to me maybe i did it in the past to someone else but for this problem..i never know what i did. confuse. i'm not the kidda person that can think about my problem everytime because..even though i DO NOT have high blood pressure,insyaallah,but if i'm stress,i can have a major headache and sometimes i can have fever to the extreme. wow right? that's why i need my strengh back because i cant cope with the headache everytime. where is my box where i put my problem into? i miss the box. i do. so..that's why i'm coming back to kl. for the whole weekend. hoping that i can run away just for awhile from all this misery. mak,i'm coming back. wait for me k?