Tuesday, January 13, 2009

debate or dead? XP

sorry people..didnt write anything for a in university..susah sket la..nothing much happen here. so..for my fren,amirul soh tulis..fine amirul..dah tulis dah!! :D here goes..tonite i have the debate audition. god..i hope i got it. i love to watch debate but if i'm there..infront of all the people..i cant think d i cant think right to generate new ideas. that's why i have second thought la to go in the debate club. but i heard..this year,some of the good debaters are going overseas to go and debate with other people la from other countries. cool huh? i want to go!! jumpe cowok di sana! :D yes..i am terkenal with my gatalness. haha. ok la.i'm in class la..concentrate woman!! goddbye my babies!!
sabrina..owh..WISH ME LUCK!!


AMIRUL I. said...

i pulak yang suruh tulis!