Monday, January 26, 2009

baba and nyonya

when i came back from college last thrusday,my mom picked me up at the terminal pekeliling. when i was in the mom suddenly announced that my family are going to MELAKA!!! wuhu! i really love melaka! one of my fav states in malaysia. i used to live there for one year. when i was 7 years old. nway,we went to melaka on saturday morning. bout 10,30 we already arrived there. soon we were there,we went to the jonker street. jonker street is like the antique road of melaka. u can find anything here. from antiques to new stuff. i bought some hair chopsticks where u can find them really2 gorgeous here. and for the treats,we went for the famous cendol durian!!!! love it!! anyway..we spent bout 2 and half hours there and off to lunch. after lunch,we went to check in our hotel,semabok inn. love that hotel since i came to melaka bout 6years ago fro holiday..since then..we took dis hotel like 3 times already. after one hour sleep,we went out again,just go around melaka street and we went to early dinner in UMBAI which u can find fresh ikan and sotong bakar. dis place is like muara in klang. after dinner,we went to jonker street again..haha..yes..we are obsessed with dis place. :D but actually,we went there because when it's night time,jonker street becomes the-JONKER STREET NIGHT MARKET!!!- wuhu! i love dis night version of jonker street as well. haha. after i shopped like hell,we went to have a ABC(ais batu campur) beside the beach..cant remember the place la. to bed. next day we went back to melaka street and went to AFAMOSA heritage site..went there to catch beautiful shots and off to lunch..ngap lunch we checked out our hotel. before we went home,we went for a ride at MENARA TAMING SARI which is like the coolest ride to see the whole melaka. it's like a tower,where there are a something lekat to it like a donut clinging to the tower,we need to sit around the tower in the donut and it will go up..really high..but the sight we saw up was beautiful. love it! but sadly after that.. kuala lumpur,here we come again.. :D


Anonymous said...

sab sayang..
melaka mmg best..
nnt klu nk pergi lagi ckplah..
kita naik taming sari free je..
woo huuu..