Saturday, June 27, 2009

saturday with zarith and shiqin

even though me and zarith didnt talk for a whole 2 weeks..for us quite long la kan zarith? so,i called my lil 'sister' shiqin,ask her to get ready because i want to take her to giant and buy a tub of ice cream to be shared with. and i called zarith and act as though nothing happened and tak aku zarith? hahahahaha. and asked her to join me and she asked me to pick her up so i said yes.

bought the ice cream and shiqin asked me to go to mcD drive thru and we bought 5 large fries. which shiqin belanje!! :D we took zarith and off we go!!....back to my house....hahahaha. we ate it all with no guilty at my dining table. just three of us sitting there talking and talking and zarith buat lawak bodoh with my ym friend,zuhairi. sian die. bodoh ah ko zarith.

but it was great. i love korang so much. :) i can request for u guys if i'm stranded on an island. cool tak? cool tak? hahaha.